About Crave Bakery
Crave’s philosophy is based on choosing simple, high-quality and organic ingredients. You also won’t find any trans fat or preservatives in our recipes. We have taken the time to carefully research all of our ingredient recommendations and feel confident about their practices. Supporting small, local producers and family-owned operations as well as choosing ingredients that are animal conscious, have always been priorities for us. As of 2013, our bakery is now closed. From 2009 – 2012, in addition to our high-end line of grocery products, we made Gluten-Free wedding and party cakes for the Bay Area. We took on all kinds of design and various allergy requests too. These cakes were highly creative and customized projects. We have heard some amazing feedback from our clients and other industry professionals over time. We’re truly humbled and happy to be a part of some very good memories. We've shared some of these comments here:

“Crave is an apt title for a company whose goodies wake you up in the middle of the night calling your name.”

- Jax Peters-Lowell, Philadelphia, PA
Author of The Gluten Free Bible and children’s book No More Cupcakes & Tummy Aches

“I must tell you that I rarely find a gluten-free, dairy-free cupcake that I really enjoy. I'm kind of a dairy-aholic... I was surprised to find your products just as good as anything with both gluten and dairy in them! The frosting on the Pink Velvet cupcakes was simply outstanding and even my husband (who never comments on frosting) mentioned how wonderful he thought it was! ”

- Tiffany Janes
Delight Gluten Free Magazine

“ Cameo is driven by personal passion, experience, and affinity for her customer's need/desire for allergen-free desserts that taste great - I love that! Her products are creative and high quality, and she was there in a pinch with just what I needed for our conference attendees. Crave is serving an increasing need, highly recommend. Yum!”

- Martin Matthews, Director
Nourishing Hope for Autism, San Francisco, CA

“I am not a Celiac, and still think that your baked goods are the best I’ve sampled, especially your brownies!”

- Bobbye Gordon, Event Coordinator
Celiac Disease Foundation, Studio City, CA

“Announcing a new gluten-free bakery in the Bay Area: Crave Bakery. Your webmaster has tried these products and they are fantastic! Imagine walking into Whole Foods and buying a little, frosted chocolate cake baked gluten- free! Yes, we can finally do that. And delicious cookies too.”

- Kelly Rohlfs, writing for the Support Group Monthly Newsletter
Stanford Celiac Support Group Leader,
Stanford, CA

“ I have tried all sorts of gluten free and dairy free treats over the years, but the chocolate cake that I ordered for my husband's birthday was the absolute best I have ever had. Everyone that had some of the cake could not believe that it was GF/DF. It was delicious, rich, perfectly chocolaty, sweet (but not too sweet), and had a wonderful texture. It was not the least bit dry, nor too dense. I highly recommend this bakery!”

- Laura S., Santa Cruz, CA

“ Crave Bakery is the best cake I have ever had! I have never ordered a customized cake before and I was organizing a baby shower for my martial arts instructor on behalf on his students. Cameo delivered exactly what I wanted to serve both children and adults. I am looking forward to doing it again for my son's graduation this summer!”

- Lisa Marie Tuzon, Livermore, CA

“ My daughter and our family have Celiac Disease, so I was in search of a custom GF birthday cake that would satisfy both GF and non-GF young children, plus the adults accompanying them. The cake was beautifully decorated and incorporated fun, creative and personalized touches. The children loved the decorations and the cake, and the parents REALLY loved the cake...the adults were really amazed it was gluten-free and tasted so wonderfully delicious. I highly recommend Crave Bakery and Cameo's wonderful and delicious creations for Gluten Free ("GF") folks, and non-GF folks as well. ”

- Linda Judge, San Francisco, CA

“Thank you for making my life worth living again! I have never before tasted a gluten-free chocolate brownie as decadent and gooey as the original. I find it so hard to find good gluten-free products, as I am also allergic to soy and all beans (the most popular flours), but this brownie has just made my day! I'm hooked!”

- Steph Kershaw, San Jose

“I wanted to let you know that I went to Whole Foods this AM and bought a little cake and the bag of brownie bites. I just had a slice of the cake and it literally made me want to cry. It was the BEST chocolate cake I have EVER had. I did not think I would ever be able to taste a great goodie again. It's been months. My husband had a bite and said it was as good any he's ever had (he is not celiac). Anyway, I wanted to thank you so very much. You have made my day and you can be certain I will look no further when I need a goodie.”

- Denise B., San Lorenzo, CA

“The cake you made for the three girls’ birthday last week was such a hit! My husband said it was the best chocolate cake he had ever tasted. It was so cool for my daughter to eat the exact same cake as everybody else. I will never again bother to try to make one - now that I know about you guys!”

- Judi Leff

“Just wanted to send a note of support and gratitude to your company. It is actually quite rare to find anything gluten-free and impossible to find anything baked locally or fresh. Today, I bought and consumed almost the entire bag of Brownie Favors before reaching the parking lot. It is the first time I have had a gluten-free brownie that actually tasted like chocolate (instead of stale cardboard). I can't wait to try the rest of your products!”

- Sarah Benrath, Berkeley, CA

“ Crave made our wedding absolutely spectacular. I mean, over the top beautiful. My husband has been dealing with Celiac for 15+ years, and trying to find a gluten-free wedding cake was disheartening.... that is until we found Crave.

I cannot begin to express our gratitude. After being met with multiple, ‘well, we can do chocolate but it won't be very good’ from many reputable ‘we have gluten-free stuff’ places, I can tell you, Crave is absolutely amazing. Amazing. If I could give 10 stars, I would. I cannot begin to thank the folks at Crave enough for their caring, their timeliness, and their AWESOME cake. Highly professional, DELICIOUS, gorgeous, easy to work with, lovely people who care about what they do. Thank you so much for being such a positive part of our wedding. And now? I'm going to hit them up for my best friend's baby shower... !”

- Nicole Nasser, Sacramento, CA

“My doctor is having me withdraw from wheat and gluten with the sneaking suspicion that I may be allergic to them. Next will come dairy. This is an unthinkable cruelty to a 54-year-old menopausal woman. BUT you saved me...or should I say you saved all those people in my reality. I could have gone ballistic! I found your brownies by the third day of my abstinence and I can only shout, "Praise the Brownie Goddess!” What yummy little delights.”

- Leana Alba, El Cerrito, CA

“ Cameo and crew run a boutique style bakery in the Bay Area with a wide variety of gluten free / dairy free items. The team is accessible and will supply excellent products with a personal touch. My son in law and I are both celiac and found one of Crave's products (brownies) at Whole Foods in Oregon. We wanted more! We contacted Cameo through email (from the back of the brownie wrapper and internet) and she was very personable and responsive. My daughter and son in law to-be arranged a tasting for their wedding cake, which needed to be gluten and dairy free. We picked up samples of half a dozen types and all were amazingly delicious and delicate. Great service in working out the details as the wedding was NOT in California. Great mouth feel and taste (for those of you who remember how disappointing GF/DF products were only five years ago) and easy access with a really personal feel - emails from my favorite bakers! ”

- Nan Harrington
Medford, OR

“ Cameo makes incredible cakes. She made a custom cake for me for my husband's birthday. It was a lovely, one of a kind, coconut-passion fruit cake. The best gluten free cake I've ever tasted. I would hire Cameo again in a heartbeat! ”

- Mai Brehaut, San Francisco, CA